Grafton Street, Dublin

Hi Guys!

So I’ve created this blog to share my opinions and knowledge about products that I have been given or purchased! I feel like I can help people with certain beauty aspects like makeup, skincare and hair care etc.

I am an mechanical engineering student so my maths is stronger than my english! I hope you guys won’t be too harsh on me with regards to my english 🙂 I want this blog to be light hearted and inviting for everyone.

I’m from Dublin, Ireland and currently in college as I said above! My goal for this blog is for people to comment on things they agree or disagree with! I don’t want people to criticise people for sharing there experiences with products etc. This is place where I want people to come and enjoy themselves not a place where we make people uncomfortable!

So i’ll tell you all my background with regards to skin and hair etc.


I’ve always had acne prone oily skin. My breakouts are usually on my chin and jawline, I’ve been told that this is due to a hormonal imbalance. I was my face twice everyday and produce a good amount of oily on my T-zone. I have large pores and of course some blackheads.


I have dark brown hair with blonde in the ends (currently growing out due to the damage in my hair!) I got the Balayage/Ombre done a while ago and they messed it up the first time they did it, so i had to go back and get it fixed and because they dyed it twice in one week there was a long of damage done to my hair so I’ve growing it out to get the blonde out! I have dry ends but get quite an oily scalp after the first day although i don’t wash it frequently!

Please leave comments on what you would like me to review! I don’t have a youtube channel (debating weather I should or not). I might set up an Instagram and twitter account if people like my mosts on the website?

Hope you guys get some helpful hints and tips on my website!


Business Contact: Ashley Constantine – empireofbeautybusiness@gmail.com


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